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MONUMENT NO. 1502128


A number of possible Bronze Age and later trackways and drove ways are visible as earthworks on aerial photographs. The trackways are dendritic, probably having been formed at different times when the trackway being used at the time became impassable through lack of maintenance. The trackways converge on an area where there is a dip in the Ridgeway escarpment which would have been an obvious point for trackways running north to south on to and off the Marlborough Downs to cross. It became a junction point where the north to south trackways intersect with the trackways of the Ridgeway (NMR SU 17 NW 159) which extend east to west and also with the trackways which extend to the southwest up through and around Barbury Castle hillfort (NMR SU 17 NW 8). The trackways measure up to 5m wide and extend over an area 460m east to west and 220m north to south. The trackways were probably used to move livestock and pack horses.

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