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MONUMENT NO. 1501692


Site of Sir Vincent Skinner's House. In about 1607, the London architect John Thorpe designed an ambitious new house for Skinner to stand within the precinct of Thornton Abbey (80418), probably to reflect Skinner's newly-acquired status as a knight and Auditor of the Receipt. This is alleged to have fallen down, almost immediately after it was built, by diarist Abraham De La Pryme's account of 1697. However, Sir Vincent was suffering financial difficulties before the loss, suggesting that the house may have been dismantled around this time because of this, rather than falling down through natural causes. The house now survives as a series of earthworks, mainly deep trenches from which the stone may have been robbed , although it is also though to have been excavated by Lord Yarborough in the 19th century. Earthworks to the east and west almost certainly represent garden compartments associated with the house, but the traces on the south are less easy to interpret, perhaps representing unfinished earthmoving in advance of what would presumably have been intended as the house's finest garden compartment.

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