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The site of a World War One seaplane base at Portland. It opened as HMS Sereptia in September 1916 and was taken over by the RAF in August 1918. After an inactive inter-war period the base became an active flying station again in 1939. After the war Portland became a helicopter development and training base which was moved to a new site to the west and commissioned as HMS Osprey in 1959. In 1999 the base was closed.

During the First World War, a number of Short 184s, Fairey F16 Campania 2-seat coastal patrol seaplanes and a few converted Wright seaplanes flew coastal patrols to protect shipping from German U-boat attacks.
At the beginning of the Second World War the base was used by 771 Squadron, a Fleet Requirements Unit. Equipped with Fairey Swordfish and Supermarine Walruses, this Squadron towed targets for naval gunners to train on. For the rest of the war the base was held under Care and Maintenance and did not participate on active operations.
After the war the Anti- Submarine School returned to Portland and the base became an important centre for helicopter experiments and development. It was commissioned HMS Osprey in 1959 and a number of naval helicopter units were stationed there until the base was closed in 1999

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