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ALTERNATIVE NAME:  Air Ministry Experimental Station 24, AMES 24, RAF BROMLEY

The site of a Chain Home radar station at Great Bromley. It was built between 1936 and 1939 to provide early warning of enemy aircraft approaching the Thames Estuary. During the Battle of Britain the facilities at Bromley were of importance for that reason, Aerial photography from 1980 shows that the site was divided into two distinct components- that of the transmitter and the receiver. The receiver site was located at TM 102 261 and contained an earth-protected operations block, a full set of four aerial bases, and over 7 ancillary buildings. An emergency receiver block and aerial base was located at TM 1042 2617. The transmission site was located at TM 104 264. It also contained an earth-protected operations block and a full set of four aerial bases, one of which still retains its mast. A standby set house, still with its earthen mound, is visible in the southeast corner of the site. A full set of ancillary buildings (at least ten) remain. An emergency transmission block and aerial base is visible at TM 1066 2050. The station has also been used as a bomber navigation headquarters and monitoring station (1941-42), a radio and TV testing site for Marconi's Chelmsford, and a Police and Fire Brigade radio aerials.

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