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MONUMENT NO. 1473304


Five cooling towers built to serve Willington 'A' and 'B' electricity generating stations sited in the Trent Valley. The towers are the only surviving element of the two power stations; the other buildings have been demolished. The site was developed between 1954 and 1960 and power generation continued on site until 1998. Power station 'A' was designed, built and commissioned by engineers Ewbank and Partners. Both stations were coal powered. The cooling towers are natural draught hyperbolic towers and are constructed of concrete. They are 300ft high and have diameters of 145ft at the top, 122ft at the throat and 218ft at the base. They were built in two phases; two towers for station 'A' and three for station 'B'. Each tower is of a standard design for their period and had an effective cooling surface of 858,000 square feet. The towers have been stripped of their internal cooling equipment.

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