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MONUMENT NO. 1467875


A Second World War barrage balloon site, visible as a circular structure and associated buildings, was mapped from aerial photographs taken in 1946 and 1947. Located in a field north of Sheepway, centred at ST 4927 7704, the site comprises a circular balloon mooring area about 23 metres in diameter, from which the balloon would have been winched into the air prior to an air raid and tethered to the ground when not deployed. It is documented that this site was operated by members of Number 927/935 Barrage Balloon Squadron, part of Number 11 Balloon Centre. Also visible 40 metres to the south are two small rectangular buildings, one of which appears to be a Nissen hut, 9 metres long and 3 metres wide, which would have acted as the balloon crew's accommodation hut. The site is about 1030 metres north of another barrage balloon site in Sheepway village (ST 47 NE129). The nearby bombing decoy (ST 47 NE 127) is documented as being operated by members of No. 927/935 Barrage Balloon Squadron, so it is possible that the barrage balloon site also functioned as control centre for the bombing decoy. The barrage balloon site and buildings were no longer visible in aerial photographs taken in 1989.

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