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MONUMENT NO. 1465637


A Romano-British enclosure and structural evidence was found during evaluation and excavation along the course of the Needingworth Bypass in 1994. The main features comprised two linear north-south ditches, possibly of different dates. A third ditch to the east contained evidence of post-holes, and is suggested to have been a palisade ditch forming the boundary of an enclosure. There was structural evidence within this enclosure, but as the trench locations were dictated by the road course the form and function of these structures could not be ascertained. However, artefactual evidence consisted of 3rd to 4th century table and storage wares, and thus the structures have been interpreted as of probable domestic use. It is likely that these features continue to the north and have been identified in cropmarks, however due to the trench constraints this also could not be proven conclusively.

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