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MONUMENT NO. 1455136


A Bronze Age bell barrow, part of a barrow group at Field Farm, Burghfield. The barrow survives as a cropmark and was excavated in 1985 in advance of gravel extraction. The earliest features date to the Neolithic period, pre-dating construction of the barrow and include a hearth and stake holes encircling a Mortlake Ware bowl. These were preserved by the buried soil at the centre of the barrow mound. The barrow dates to the early Bronze Age, it has a diameter of 47.50 metres and the barrow ditch has a gap, 3 metres wide, to the southeast. A central pit was recorded but there was no evidence for associated human bone, possibly due to acid soil conditions. During the Middle Bronze Age five secondary urned cremation burials were placed within the barrow mound. The barrow must have remained as a visible earthwork until the Saxon period as it appears to have been used to mark the position of an inhumation cemetery. The cemetery comprised fifty inhumations. Traces of coffins were recorded in four of the burials and grave goods were found in thirty three. The grave goods included shields, spearheads, knives, buckles and remains of a casket and indicated a late 6th-7th century date range.

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