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MONUMENT NO. 1453817


A Second World War Coastal defence site is visible on aerial photographs. The site is located just south of Dunster Beach and covers an area that measures 540m by 280m at its widest points. The site includes pillboxes which have been recorded as ST 04 SW, 88, 89,90,165,166 and 167 as well as barbed wire obstructions and trenches. The main trench centred links the first five pillboxes (above) together allowing relatively safe access. The second section of trench follows a modern field boundary but it is unclear whether it leads to a military structure or not as the hedgerow obscures the visibility. The linear barbed wire obstructions can be seen defending the east of the site but are not seen to the west. This stretch of coast line was protected with numerous pillboxes and other defences during the war. Only some of the pillboxes remain extant today.

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