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MONUMENT NO. 1453589


A Second World War pillbox, probably an infantry section post, visible as a structure, was mapped from aerial photographs taken in 1941. Located on the high water line on the shingle of Porlock Beach NE of Porlock Vale House in Porlock Weir, the structure consists of two connected covered linear concrete trenches forming a very shallow `v' shape, constructed with a substantial flat concrete roof, to form a cross shape. Square embrasures are located along each wing facing NNW out to sea. At the centre rear of the structure, an open square area may have contained a light anti-aircraft gun, next to which is the entrance to the structure. In the centre front of the structure is a square roofed extension with a single square embrasure, probably for use by a heavy machine gun. The structure is constructed immediately next to a type 24 pillbox. The structure was still extant in 1958 but was no longer visible in 1979.

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