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MONUMENT NO. 1446513


An area of tin streamworks and lode workings at Drivage Bottom forming part of the Upper Newleycombe Valley Streamworks. An archaeological field survey in 2006 recorded that the tinworks form a narrow band of disturbed ground extending between the area at the head of the valley, 300m west of Nun's Cross and the confluence of Drivage Bottom Stream and Newleycombe Lake. The edge of the streamworks is marked by steep escarpments and the working area is made up of mounds of spoil and water channels. Also present is a small openwork orientated approximately east to west and is 130m long by 16m wide, with steep sides. The top section of the openwork has an earthen bank built across it to form a reservoir 30m by 12m long by 1m high. A second reservoir is located just to the north and comprises a 48m by 6m by 0.5m high linear bank built against the moderate slope of the hillside. It is likely that most of these tinwork remains date from the post-medieval period, though some may be as late as the 18th or 19th century associated with Wheal Chance tin mine .

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