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A large medieval or later tin openwork, streamwork and various pitworks on the northern valley slopes of Newleycombe Lake forming part of the Upper Newleycombe Valley Streamworks. The openwork, known and Willabeam is a T-shaped openwork. An east-west lode has been exploited, with a possible cross course to the south. A shallow streamwork to the north of Willabeam has been cut through by the later openwork at 90 degrees. The streamwork, runs approximately north-south, covering an area of 0.5ha. The edge of the streamwork is defined by a steep scarp with the working area contained within. South of the main openwork an additional gully following the same axis as the streamwork extends down to the river. Two small reservoirs are associated with the tinworks. These consist of crescentic earth banks forming dams with central sluice openings. Both reservoirs were supplied with water diverted from small streams further up the valley to the northeast via earthwork leats. In the vicinity of these tinworks there are three major alignments of pitworks. One was clearly exploring an east-west lode and two others run northwest to southeast exploring cross courses. All comprise a combination of small circular pits, larger circular pits of up to 12m diameter and amorphous diggings and gullies. Most have a quantity of spoil associated with them. There are also many scattered examples of the smaller pits. Foundation remains of two possible buildings were also located.

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