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MONUMENT NO. 1444202


An area of post medieval tin streamworkings and pits at the head of Newleycombe Lake and at Older Bottom, forming part of the Upper Newleycombe Valley Streamworks. An archaeological field survey of the area in 2006 found that the course of the workings mainly follows that of the stream, although several gullies and one additional area of streamworks extend off as side features. The workings extend for 1.3km by a maximum of 125m wide and cover an area of approximately 19ha. The edge of the main working area is defined by a steep scarp of between 1 and 5m. The interior comprises a series of mainly linear stone spoil dumps and narrow water channels. Towards the upper north end of the working it narrows into a deep though narrow trench or openwork of 16m wide by 5m deep. There are six disused reservoirs associated with the workings. Each consists of a curving earthwork bank built against the hillside behind which water was retained to be released through a central sluice opening. There are many pitworks in this area including prospecting and extractive pits. The smaller pits are 2-3m diameter with a conical profile and survive to a depth of 1.5m, with spoil collars on the downslope side. The larger examples are up to 8m diameter by 4m deep and with correspondingly larger spoil heaps. Two parallel disused leats traverse part of the streamwork, are clearly more recent and appear to have supplied the large openwork known as Willabeam (Monument HOB UID 1446151). The channels are clear as they run across the streamwork and the open moor to the west. They are approximately 1m wide and up to 0.4m deep with a bank of spoil along their downslope sides.

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