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An extant and Listed lido complex built in 1935, executed in the "Moderne" or Art Deco style, at a cost of £24,500. The architect was G Percy Trentham. It comprises an outdoor swimming pool, 2 fountains, an entrance building and a grandstand structure. The pool measures 220 by 72 and a half foot, and takes the form of an elongated 12 sided star in plan: it is a unique survival of this shape of pool in this country, and is also the second largest open air pool in London. It is built of concrete lined with tiles. It is equipped with two diving platforms accessed by stairs, there were additional diving boards, these have now been removed. The two fountains are arranged in a line one to the north and one to the south of the pool. These are octagonal concrete structures each with a base and central column supporting two basins. The concrete and brick entrance building at the northern end of the complex has a single storey and is has a splayed "U" shape in Plan. The short central brick bay features a pay window. The grandstand on the eastern side of the lido is built of reinforced concrete and has three levels including the open flat roofed viewing terrace. A water slide was added in 1984 after temporary closure. It closed once more in 1998. In 2005-2006 there are plans for the construction of an adjacent liesure and sports hall and additional pool: the lido is to be renovated as part of the renewal of the site. All the main features described above are listed sperately as Grade II Listed Buildings.

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