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The crash site of aircraft HR727, a British Handley Page Halifax Mark II bomber, which crashed on 5th October 1943. The aircraft was part of 51 Squadron, Royal Air Force Bomber Command, operating from Snaith airfield. It was returning from a raid over Frankfurt, during which an engine was disabled by an enemy night-fighters guns. Subsequent low fuel, loss of radio contact and navigational problems were all factors in the crash in the Blackden Edge/ Ashop Moor area, in which five of the seven crewmen lost their lives. At the end of the 20th century/ start of the 21st century, a concentation of wreckage within a wider scatter of aircraft fragments was reportedly on site, possibly still including sections of armour plating. Please note that a licence to excavate or recover remains from an aircraft crash site must first be obtained from the Ministry of Defence before carrying out any such work. The site lies within both the Peak District National Park and the Dark Peak Site of Special Scientific Interest.

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