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The prominent crash site of aircraft LL505, a British Handley Page Halifax Mark V heavy bomber, which crashed onto Great Carrs on 22nd October 1944. It was part of 1659 Heavy Conversion Unit, 6 Group and was on a night navigation exercise from RAF Topcliffe when the accident happened. The Canadian crew of 8 men were all killed. Because of its high and remote location RAF salvage teams were unable to remove the wreckage and instead cut it up and pushed some parts into Broad Slack. The fuselage was left on site. Although much wreckage had been removed by souvenir hunters by the late 1990s, many large sections can still be seen on the scree slopes and gullies of Great Carrs. Some parts are in the Ruskin Museum (Coniston) and the RAF Whyton museum. Please note that such crash sites are protected by the 1986 Military Remains Act and as such a licence to excavate or recover any remains must first be obtained from the Ministry of Defence. The crash site is also commemorated by a small stone cairn surmounted by a memorial cross at the summit of Great Carrs. The site is within the Lake District National Park.

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