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MONUMENT NO. 1432443


Animal pound or pinfold at Wainfleet St Mary. The pinfold is a the road side within the garden of pinfold lodge lying at the junction of Vicarage Road and Low Road on the south bank of the Steeping River. The pinfold is a brick built octagonal structure measuring 8m in width and standing to a height of approximately 2.5m. it is roofed with slate supported on sawn timbers resting on the wall top. The roof appears to be a more recent addition although the central post rising from the cross timbers to the aprx of the roof does appear to be older. However, the rounded finish on the wall top would suggest that the pinfold was not originally roofed. There are two small windows, in the top of the wall on the northern and eastern sides of the pinfold, with a wide entrance on the north western side closed by a wooden door. The floor is a concrete slab.

The structure is a Grade II listed building and lies within the Wainfleet Conservation Area.

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