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A house built in 1717 for the Duke of Schomberg as a hunting lodge and subsequently rebuilt, especially after a fire of 1844. The architect of the rebuilding was George Mair. The House has an H-plan. It is stuccoed. The main parts of the building are recessed two storey fronts with single story infill sections. The mansard roofs with dormers have been altered since the house was built. The entrance features a bowed Doric portico flanked by Venetian windows. The interior is in a simple 19th century style. During World War One the building was used from 1915-1917 as a military hospital for Canadian soldiers. In 1917 it was taken over by the Royal Flying Corp's Armament School. After World War One it remained in the control of the Royal Air Force and formed part of RAF Uxbridge, the military base and operations centre that was particularly important in the Battle of Britain. According to one source this building was used as the officers' mess, however according to another, the officers' mess was a separate building altogether. Before RAF Uxbridge closed in 2010 Hillingdon House was said to acommodate the Civil Aviation Authority's Airprox Board. A mixed-use development is currently planned for the site of RAF Uxbridge.

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