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The site of a former World War Two military airfield, opened in 1941 and closed in 1948. The airfield consisted of grass landing areas of about 900 by 800 yards, bounded to the north by the Kennet and Avon Canal, with Blister aircraft hangars and a Type T1 aircraft hangar. Accommodation for personnel was still under construction when the airfield was already in use, personnel were temporarily at the requisitioned Sulhamstead House. Initially the unofficial role of the airfield had been as a relief landing ground for Woodley Airfield (under the name of Sheffield Farm). When it was officially opened it was renamed as Theale. It was primarily used for training by 26 Elementary Flying Training School, and later in 1944 by No 128 Gliding School. Post-War flying ceased and the airfield was used by the Air Cadets until its closure in 1948. Subsequently the site was bought for gravel extraction. Most of the site has been quarried away by gravel pits, although in 2000-2002 the Type T1 hangar was said to be extant.

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