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Haile Sand Fort was one of two sea forts built to defend ports along the Humber. Construction on the fort began in 1915 and it opened in early 1917. It comprised a hexagonal foundation with circular walls built on top with a diameter of 20.1 metres (66ft). The circular walls were constructed with concrete and faced with steel armour plating, which measured 0.5 inches all around. A further layer of steel plating lined the concrete shell internally. The foundation level of the fort was used as a coal store, above which the 'ground floor' held the engine room, boiler room, store and guard room, three barrack rooms, shower baths, kitchen, ration store and latrines. The first floor held the magazine, officers' and sergeants' mess and quarters, medical room, canteen, offices and further barracks; searchlights were also issued from this level. The fort was capped by its gun floor, which originally mounted two 4 inch quick-firing Mk.V weapons and a two-storey, central battery observation post. In 1940 the fort acquired two 12 pounder guns, which were replaced by two 6 pounder guns in 1941. The battery was in use throughout the war and retained for use afterwards. The army moved out in 1956 but the fort was armed up until the early 1960s. The fort with its original featuresand Second World War additions remain in good condition.

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