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Upton Fort was a coastal battery built as part of Portland's coastal defences. The fort was completed in early 1903 and mounted two 6-inch breech-loading Mk. VII guns. Two 9.2-inch guns were added to the armament between July and September that same year. In 1908 one of the 6-inch guns was transferred to Nothe Fort. By 1941 the 9.2-inch guns had been replaced by 6-inch naval guns and the site was reduced to care and maintenance in 1943. During the Second World War the fort was manned by 134 Battery of 522 Coast Regiment. Two emplacements for 9.2-inch guns retain their original protective coverings and survive in good condition. A building between the emplacements, possibly a magazine, also survives. A battery observation post or coast artillery searchlight building also remains approximately 150-200 metres to the south-east of the main fort away. A second ancillary structure is present approximately 50-75 metres to the south-west.

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