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St Anthony's Battery, built as part of Falmouth's coastal defences. The battery was constructed in 1895 and by 1902 mounted two 6-inch breech-loading (BL) Mk. VI guns. These were replaced by 1905 with 6-inch BL Mk. VII guns. The battery was disarmed sometime between 1916 and 1919.
During the Second World War the battery was recommissioned and rearmed. Initially the 6-inch guns were remounted, but these were replaced with two 6-pounder BL guns, which performed a close defence role. In 1940 the battery performed a temporary anti-motor torpedo boat role and was armed with two pairs of 3-pounder guns. The battery was reduced to care and maintenance in 1944.
Aerial photography from 1985 shows the Battery Observation Post in good condition at SW 847 312. Two 6-inch gun emplacements and central magazine are also in good condition, although the emplacements are infilled. Two main battery buildings at SW 8477 3125 are in excellent condition. Ancillary building bases and small buildings lie in the immediate area of these two buildings. A Second World War connected building is visible at SW 8492 3135. In air photographs from 1995 there are visible earthworks abutting the area where Nissen huts were sited in 1946, but it is unclear if these represent earlier placements for a more extensive hut complex.

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