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MONUMENT NO. 1416586


A Second World War pillbox now located approximately 100 yards on the seaward side of the West Somerset Railway line, in the middle of a large field but was originally positioned in a hedgerow at the corner junction of three fields. The pillbox was constructed in 1940-41, built of reinforced concrete, brick and stone, and originally was a six-sided pillbox, but now rounded by weather and farming. It was found to be a larger than average pillbox with six embrasures, two on the sea side with approximately 8 inches gap and 4 inches on the land side with 16 inches gap. All had steel shutters but most have now gone. The walls measure 28 inches to 36 inches thick and contains a blast wall at the door and an internal brick ricochet wall. The pillbox is just one of many on this stretch of coast. The pillbox was in a good condition during a field visit in 2002.

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