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MONUMENT NO. 1412523


Site of Second World War anti aircraft gun emplacement, Monkhams Hall, Waltham Abbey. Possibly originated as a First World War anti aircraft battery.

The site stands in open fields on top of a high hill. This postion is ideal for such an emplacement, having wide views in every direction. It has been suggested that it could date back to the First World War however evidence suggests it is more likely to be a Second World War emplacement.

The emplacement consists of an hexagonal base (brick foundation with concrete platform) into which is set a gun holdfast with two brick and concrete integral shelters at its western end, in between which is concrete acces ramp. The whole structure is a maximumof 11.20m long by 7.70m wide. Only the westernmost shelter survives. It's internal dimensions are 3.5m by 2.8m. The entrance is on the north east side. Internally there is a single aperture in the south western face.

The fabric of the emplacement shows at least two phases of construction. The eairlier phase, possibly First World War, is represented by the brick foundation walls and brick shelter. A second phase of construction, possibly Second World War, saw the addition of a concrete roof to the shelter and associated 'patching up' of the brickwork.

Close by and in the same field are other Second World War structures.

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