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A former World War Two military airfield and later civillian airfield. Construction began in 1942 and the airfield was opened in 1943. It was equipped with three concrete runways and perimeter track. The technical site and hangars were to the north end of the airfield, the Type B1 and T2 aircraft hangars were on the far side of the B5405 road. The original Type T2 was still extant in 1994. The airfield was provided with an unusual design of control tower which was intended to act as a strongpoint with loopholed walls, this was also extant in 1994, as were earthwork remains of the airfield's bomb stores. The airfield was also defended by a battle headquarters (please see SJ 82 NE 19 for further details). Temporary accomodation sites for around 1400 personnel were dispersed around the vicinity of the airfield. During the war the airfield was used by training units of the Royal Air Force, including 30 Operational Training Unit and 21 (Pilots) Advanced Flying Unit. There was also occaisional use by diverted American personnel and aircraft. At the end of the war repatriated prisoners of war were landed at Seighford. Military flying ceased in 1946. From 1956-1966 Bolton and Paul used part of the airfield for testing jet aircraft. This civilian company replaced the B1 Type hangar which had become derelict with another of the same design. By 2001 the airfield was used for agricultural and industrial purposes.

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