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ALTERNATIVE NAME:  Kirmington Airfield

A former World War Two military airfield, now a civil airport. The airfield was opened in 1942. It was situated to the south-west of the village of Kirmington. The airfield was equipped as a "Class A" bomber airfield, that is to say with three concrete and tarmac runways, 36 heavy bomber hardstandings and suitable hangar space (two Type T2 aircraft hangars, some Blister aircraft hangars and one Type B1). It was initially used by No 15 (Pilots) Advanced Flying School, then by 150 Squadron, a detachmernt of 170 Squadron, and 166 Squadron (all bomber squadrons). After World War Two the airfield was put on "Care and Maintenance" status until 1953 when it passed to the Ministry of Agriculture: it was then used as an airfield for crop spraying firms utilizing the wartime facilities. From 1967 it was opened to civilian chartered flights and from 1970 redeveloped as Kirmington Humberside Airport, re-opened in 1974. A new terminal and control tower were built. In 1991 the main runway was extended. At that time features relating to the World War Two airfield lighting system were rediscovered.

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