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The site of a military airfield that was used in both World Wars, now partly built over by housing, part is now incorporated into the Kent Battle of Britain Museum. The airfield was opened in 1915. The World War One airfield consisted of only three Bessonneau aircraft hangars. Between 1918-1919 extra Belfast Truss aircraft hangars and other facilities were built and in the latter year the airfield became the Aeroplane Dispatch Centre (later Number 12 Aircraft Acceptance Park). In 1940 the grass airfield was involved in the Battle of Britain, and at that time was operated by Number 79 Squadron of 11 Group flying Hurricane aircraft. The airfield suffered from heavy enemy air attacks resulting in the destruction of much of the old buildings. By 1944 the airfield had been provided with a number of replacement aircraft hangars, including Blister types. The airfield closed in 1962. Some of the World War Two defences and buildings remain, some are part of the museum, for details please see TR 23 NW 191, for those defences that have not been incorporated in the museum or have been destroyed please see TR 23 NW 192 through to TR 23 NW 205.

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