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MONUMENT NO. 1394968


During the invasion scare of 1587, Edmund Yorke drew up a comprehensive plan for the defence of Weybourne Hope, a two-mile stretch of land between Weybourne and Cley, which was regarded as particularly vulnerable to invasion from the sea. These included an elaborate rampart from Weybourne Fort to a pont which appears to be near North Foreland. It was an odd mixture of tenaille trace and large, obtuse-angled bastions with orillons. The most remarkable features were the recessed chambers in the curtain adjoining the bastions, angled to flank the faces of the bastion. A rampart was undoubtedly started, but it is unlikely that it was constructed in the intended form. There is no evidence of the works on the ground. Yorke's plan shows that the rampart was intended to follow the high ground backing Salthouse Marsh, the line possibly being approximated by the modern coast road.

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