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A military airfield opened in 1940 and still in use by the Royal Air Force. The base was originally planned as a bomber station but was pressed into service as a fighter station before being completed. At first it was used by 66 Squadron and 242 Squadron, the latter commanded by the famous pilot Sir Douglas Bader. Colitshall was part of 12 group, but was used by hard pressed Group 11 squadrons from the main Battle of Britain area as a base for comparative rest. The base was also used by a number of famous Royal Air Force Aces other than Bader, including Stanford Tuck. By 1944 the airfield was equipped with three landing surfaces laid with Sommerfeld Track (a type of steel mesh matting), 6 Blister and four type C aircraft hangars, along with permanent accomodation for base personnel. In August of 1945 to February 1946 the base was placed under the control of The Polish Air Force but returned to Royal Air Force control thereafter. In 1958 extensive alterations were made to the air station. More recently home to Jaguar aircraft, search and rescue teams. Closed in 2006.

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