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A 19th century red brick tower mill, first shown on the 1838 Ordnance Survey one inch map. During the First World War it was a grist mill, milling oats, barley, etc. for animal feed, including acorns for pigs. When its then owener, Charles Robert Gray, died in February 1922, the sails were removed a little time later. Work at the mill ceased about 1937 and, although it was left complete, it has gradually deteriorated over the years through neglect. Permission for its conversion to domestic accommodation soon after World War II was refused and in 1973 an application for consent to demolish the windmill was made by its then owners, Greens Nurseries Ltd., and refused. Due to the bad state of the mill, the remains of the cap frame and the windshaft were removed in December 1977. In 1978 the mill was bought by Breckland District Council and a restoration programme got underway in 1979.

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