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MONUMENT NO. 1371477


Several sections of Roman Road, and some roadside quarries, are visible as cropmarks, and a hollow way as an earthwork, on air photographs. These sections are part of the Ilkley to Tadcaster road (Linear 604, Margary 72b).

The most westerly section of road (SE 2511 4156 - SE 2549 4146) comprises a 14m agger with a 2m wide ditch along the south side. It can be seen to continue through Wrinkle Hill Wood, however the vegetation has made it impossible to plot from air photographs. A 3m wide minor road branches off at a right angle to the main (though this only continues for a short distance). 97m from the main road it baranches once more. Unfortunately further sites are not visible in association with these branch roads.

1087m east of the above section two more pieces of cropmarked aggar are visible (SE 2657 4128 - SE 2701 4120). With the latter there are several sections of external ditch and numerous roadside quarries in cropmark. Another 664m east, there is a further 106m section of aggar. This piece also has a branch road, though it is wider (6.7m) than the two previously mentioned. Possibly this is to do with the Romano-British settlement excavated in this area between 1933 and 1938 (SE 24 SE 7).

Further east (across Headingley golf course) there is a hollow way which is in alignment with Roman Road 72b. No remains of Roman Road can be distinguished on air photographs in this area. The hollow way is very disturbed by landscaping for the golf course, but appears to be 13m wide.

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