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DO217-E4 U5+LP


Aircraft U5+LP, was a Dornier 217E-4 German bomber which crashed at Worlingworth on 22nd August 1944. It belonged to Staffel (Flight) 6 of Kampfgeschwader (Combat or Bomber- Group) 2. The target of the Dornier had been a factory in Cambridge, but the bomber was intercepted en route in the area of Orford Ness. The Royal Air Force Mosquito Mark II night fighter DD612 followed the Dornier and shot it down after a long chase. Before it crashed, the crew of UP+LP were able to jettison the bomb load. The crew baled out and either surrendered or were captured. The aircraft crashed in a field near Lodge Farm, Worlingwoth. In 1981, The Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum carried out an excavation which recovered remains of the aircraft.

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