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The Aylesbury and Buckingham Railway, which ran from the Great Western Railway at Aylesbury to Verney Junction, where it joined the LNWR line to Buckingham, was opened on 23rd September 1868. The line remained a local affair until the intervention, in 1891, of the Metropolitan Railway chairman, Sir Edward William Watkin, who had aspiration's to transform London's pioneer underground route into a main line railway. The Metropolitan had opened a station at Aylesbury in Brook Street in September 1892 but later connected with the GWR station, therefore allowing Brook Sreet to close. Metropolitan Services began operating between Aylesbury and Verney Juction on 1st April 1894, with through trains between Verney Junction and Baker Street commencing on 1st January 1897. Watkin's dream to turn the Metropolitan into a main line was never realised and Metropolitan passenger services between Verney Junction and Aylesbury ceased after 1st December 1935, goods services in 1947. The Aylesbury - Quainton Road section was incorporated in the line of the Great Central Railway, and remains in use.

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