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The site of the Carmelite Friary lay in the area bounded by Lady's Lane, Campbell Square, Newlands and The Mounts. It was founded before 1265 and dissolved in 1538. The precinct wall, gate and main friary complex are shown on Speed's map of 1610, and the cloister is depeicted on Pierce's map of 1632. The buildings appear to have been incorporated into a 17th cenury mansion, Fleetwood House, which has since been demolished. Trial trenching between Kerr Street and Park Street in 1974 found evidence of walls, tiels and mortared floors. A wall, possibly the precinct wall, was found in Kerr Street in in 1972, with 3 walls at right angles to it. At least 2 burials were noted. 13th century stone buildings were noted at the South-West corner of the precinct in 1974, but it is not known whether these were related to the friary.

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