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MONUMENT NO. 1313931


A length of ditch just outside the earthworks of Cadbury Castle (ST 62 NW 1) excavated in 1996-7. The ditch either represents a single right-angled stretch or the southeastern corner of a subrectabgular enclosure. It cuts through two Early Bronze Age inhumations, which appear originally to have lain beneath a round barrow. Beaker sherds from the ditch fill may have derived from these burial deposits. The middle ditchfills contained Middle Bronze Age sherds plus a series of single and deliberate deposits of animal bone, mainly cattle mandibles. The upper fill sincluded some Late Bronze Age sherds. Within the upper ditch fills was a Late Bronze Age bronze shield, face down, its boss resting in an earlier stake hole. A sharp object, possibly a wooden stake, was driven through the shield in three places. The excavations were undertaken as part of the ongoing South Cadbury Environs Project.

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