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No. 20 Blackheath Park, Greenwich, is a detached house built in 1957-8 by the architect Peter Moro for himself. It is said to be one of England's first 'upstairs bungalows' and inspired by the work of Marcel Breuer.

The end cavity walls and ground floor of the north front are faced with dark Sussex brick, while the first floor is clad in white timber boarding. The internal walls are built of Fletton brick. The felt roof is of two low pitches; the steeper one to the north is raised over a full-length central clerestory.

The two-storeyed house is rectangular in plan; the larger first floor is cantilevered over a slightly sunken ground floor to south. The split level arrangement reflects the north/south slope of the site. All main living and bedroom accommodation is on first floor, with ancillary rooms, workshop and garage below. Rooms on the south front, including the open-plan living room and study with internal brick stack, are four steps lower than those on the north. All facades have irregular fenestration of plate glass windows.

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