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MONUMENT NO. 1309161


The Bloodhound Missile Site is located within the perimeter of the early 1950s Radar Station of RAF Bawdsey. The missile section became active in July 1979 as C Flight of 85 Squadron and remained operational until 31 May 1990. The Flight was divided into two sections, each of which was equipped with six fixed concrete missile pads; the remainder of its equipment was semi-portable. The missiles were controlled from Launch Control Posts (LCPs), set on hardstandings and surrounded by an protective earthwork bank, they were connected to the Target Illuminating Radar by cables. Initially the Flight was equipped with two Type 87 radars mounted on angular steel plinths, colloquially known as `Daleks'. In 1988 these were replaced by two smaller air-portable Type 86 radars. These were mounted on top of 4.26 metre steel gantries built over the `Daleks'. Some of the earlier Radar Station Buildings were reused by the Bloodhound unit, including the Guard House (which retained its original function), an Operations Room was placed in the R3 bunker and the 1950s Type 80 radar modulator building was converted for use as a workshop. Ready Use Stores (containing spare missiles) were simple concrete hardstandings. Other structures on site include, buildings for an RAF dog section, a store, a garage, a hut of undertermined function, an explosive fitment bay, an office and a stand-by set house.

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