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Barnfield Mill was built circa 1894 on the site of an earlier mill that was destroyed by a fire in 1891, the engine house of the earlier mill is the only surviving building. The earlier mill, Resolution Mill, was built in four main phases between 184 and 1872. Apart from the modified engine house Barnfield Mill typifiesthe latest develpoments in cotton mill design for the 1890s. It comprised a concrete -floored multi-storey block for spinning with an attached warehouse and a shed extension providing additional floor-space for preparation, and was powered from a new external engine house via a rope race. The scale, proportions and power system reflects the the space and power requirements of the large self-acting mules that were used in the mill. In the early 20th century attached and detached ancillary buildings were added, along with larger shed extensions to the ground floor. The mill is currently owned by Courtaulds Spinning PLC and is still used for ring spinning. The mill is well preserved and until recently was fully intact, in 1988 part of the boiler house, the chimney, a large detached ancillary building and a smaller two storey building were demolished.

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