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The now submerged site of the small priory of Burstall. It is believed that the site was located south of Skeffling. Burstall Lane on the Ordnance Survey Map suggests that the priory was generally located circa TA3518.
The priory was founded by Aumale Abbey soon after 1115. Endowments were granted by Stephen, count of Albemarle, and some monks under a prior were sent to the chapel of St Helen at Burstall circa 1115. Aumale's possessions were confiscated in the 14th century during the wars with France, and in 1396 Burstall was sold to Kirkstall Abbey. The priory presumably ceased to exist from that time. The priory was still extant in 1540 when it, and its church, were counted among the possessions of Kirkstall Abbey, but it ceased to function as a priory when it was sold.

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