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A monastery was built "in the place called Ingetlingum" in expiation of the murder of Oswin King of Deira by Oswy King of Bernicia on the 20th August 651. The armies of the two kings had met at "the place which is called Wilfaraesdun, that is Wilfar's Hill and standeth almost ten mile from the village of Cataract, being withdrawn over against the setting of the sun in summer". Here Oswin had ordered his army to disperse as they were outnumbered and he sought concealment at the house of Hunwald, a retainer and friend who betrayed him to Oswy. This monastery was believed to have been at Gilling (NZ10NE4) before 1873 when Haigh placed it at Collingham. Ekwall cautiously accepts the identification although the Domesday name is "Ghellinge". The fact that Gilling was one of the headquarters of the kings of Deira and so important as to give its name to the Wapentake of Gilling West, suggests that Oswin could well
have sought refuge here.

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