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A moated castle and keep built circa 1203-28. It was a strategic castle in the wars of the Roses when the resident family, the Lancastrian Cliffords, were in conflict with the Yorkist Neville family for dominance in the north-west of England. It was converted into a country house in the 17th century by Lady Anne Clifford, who also laid out a walled garden to the south of the castle. The castle was partly demolished circa 1691, fell into disrepair and was sold off for building materials in 1714. The castle is situated on a spur jutting into the flood plain of the River Eamont; the river cliff undoubtedly steepened and strengthened, provides a natural defence on the north and part of the west sides, and a moat, double on the south half of the west side, connects the cliff around the other sides to form a complete circuit. The ruins have now been consolidated and the moat was cleaned during the 1930s. The castle is in the care of English heritage

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