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MONUMENT NO. 1195139


A late 17th century brick-built dovecote in the grounds of Terra Nova School, Jodrell Bank. The building, which is Listed Grade II, has three floors and incorporates a set of pigstys on the ground floor, a vegetable store on the first floor and a square dovecote above it. The building is about 6 metres in plan, of English garden wall bonded brick, with a pyramidal slate roof. At the center of the roof is a raised light built of timber. The ground floor contains four pigstys with doorways opening into a small brick-walled enclosure. Above this is a store with a low ceiling and concrete floor. This is reached by a doorway on the south side of the building and an external flight of stone and concrete steps. The top floor is a dovecote with nestboxes for about 400 pairs. In the middle ofg the room a revolving ladder, a potence, is still in place. The doorway for this floor is on the east side and only accessible by a ladder which was kept hung on the wall of the pigstys outside. Scheduled.

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