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MONUMENT NO. 1194396


An icehouse in the grounds of Burton Manor College. The former Burton Hall with its gardens was built in the years after 1805 by the Congreve family and the icehouse was constructed in this period. The icehouse is completely underground and is cut into the sandstone with a vaulted sandstone block roof. It has two interconnecting passages with an access at each end.

The icehouse is approached by two sets of stairs leading down into the entrance passage on the south side, constructed of drystone walling and revetted back to the stone built entrance archway. There is a second entrance on the north side, leading directly into the ice chamber. The passage from the southern entrance leads to a 5 metre by 3.5 metre rock-cut chamber. This area seems to have been for the preparation of foodstuffs to be stored in the ice chamber. The ice chamber itself is 5.4 metres long, 0.8 metres wide and 2.25 metres high. Ice was probably brought for storage from the mere 180 metres to the south of the icehouse, however later there are records of ice being brought from the docks at Liverpool.

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