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MONUMENT NO. 1194373


A stone-built ventilation chimney for a furnace which provided ventilation for one of the shafts at Danebower Colliery. The colliery, now disused, used to stand beside the River Dane 110 metres to the south east of the chimney. The colliery was probably in use along with other mines in the Buxton area from 1780-1880 and was last worked in 1925. The furnace and chimney were constructed during the early 19th century, but only the chimney now remains. The chimney is square and tapers slightly towards the top. It stands 8 metres tall and 1.3 metres wide at the base. The construction is of well-mortared freestone with walls about 0.4 metres thick. It is almost complete except for some missing stone at the top. Scheduled.

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