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Two crosses in the churchyard of Saint Bartholomew, Lady Godiva's cross is south of the church and a Medieval cross, originally overlaying, is now located west of the church. Lady Godiva's cross is of stepped form and is pre-Norman in date. The steps are circular in plan and are all partly bonded with mortar. The socket stone is also circular but is damaged. Part of the square socket still survives in the centre, with part of a stone peg in the socket. The cross was uncovered in 1912, during restoration of a medieval cross, which stood above the pre-Norman cross on the same site, It was consolidated in situ and presented for display in a stone revetted pit, 0.85 metres deep to the base of the bottom step of the cross. The pit sides form the edge of the monument. The cross is Scheduled and Listed Grade II. The overlaying Medieval cross base, probably of 13th century date was moved to approximately 5m west of the church itself and a modern shaft and lantern cross added. The base is of ashlar, with three square steps. The shaft is tapered and chamfered and the lantern head has four niches with crocketed gables and a short cross on top; the niches contain figures of Our Lady and child, the Crucifixion, Saints Mary and John and possibly Saints Chad and Bartholomew.

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