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The earthwork and buried remains of the medieval motte and bailey castle at Castle Green. The motte is 4-5 metres high and 13-15 metres in diameter around the top. It is surrounded by a ditch 1-2 metres wide and 1 metre deep, with a counterscarp bank. To the south of the motte are the remains of another flat-topped mound, rising 3-4 metres above ground level and measuring 40 metres in diameter. The mound is partly surrounded by a ditch containing a water course on the north and west and partly enclosed by a moat or ponds to the south and west sides. The area thus defined is believed to be the inner bailey of the complex. The monument is first identified in a document of 1346 although the form of the earthworks suggest an earlier, Norman origin. The castle may be identified with the manor of Castleleigh held by the Pembridge family from the Abbots of Pershore in the 13th century. Scheduled. The earthwork remains of the above described Medieval Motte and Bailey were seen as tree covered earthorks and mapped from aerial photographs.

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