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MONUMENT NO. 1132242


The remains of a Second World War target railway are visible as a linear terrace and bank and recorded during field investigations in 1998. The remains comprise a substantial earth and stone bank which measures 260m long by 20m wide and 2.5m high. This protected the railway, which ran behind the bank, carrying a target which was fired at from a tank track circuit recorded to the south as SS 94 NW 159. At the western end of the bank is a substantial mound. It measures 40m by 30m and 3.5m high. Several concrete slabs lie in the vicinity, and this probably represents the remains of a building which housed the targets and wagons. At the eastern end of the bank is a further substantial mound. It is constructed of local stone and earth, and measures 30m by 25 and 5m high. On the northern side are the remains of an entrance. This probably functioned as an observation post in association with the tank training range. This is just one of three target railways used for tank training during the Second World War (SS 94 NW 64). See also SS 94 NW 187.

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