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SS 9564 4718 Two Second World War military roads, visible as structures, were mapped from aerial photographs taken in 1946. Located on Minehead's North Hill, the roads are associated with the extensive military training area and tank firing range that covered North Hill during the war. The main road, now named Hill Road, runs roughly NW-SE for about 1600 metres long and was constructed from concrete by the military to provide the main access, connecting via Moor Road, for tanks and other vehicles from their disembarkation point at Minehead railway station, through the town to the training site, marshalling area and Selworthy Beacon. On North Hill, a second unsealed road branches off the concrete road opposite Whitecross Plantation and runs parallel to it for about 1000 metres before rejoining it at the W end of Moor Wood. This road may have provided a means of controlling military traffic to and from the firing range and also provided access to a wartime army camp, near Camp Reservoir. The roads are still extant in 1993. It remains in good condition and forms the main route along North Hill to Selworthy Beacon. Mounds of soil are visible on the southern side of the road which are dumps of overburden bulldozed as part of the construction process.

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