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ALTERNATIVE NAME:  Cathedral Church of St Mary and St Ethelbert

Cathedral originally constructed during the early 11th but destroyed in 1055. Rebuilt in the 12th century by Bishop Renhelm, with 13th-15th century alterations. Restored on a number of occassions during the 18th and 19th century.The Lady Arbour or Bishop's Cloister is a slightly irregular rectangle on the south side of the nave of the cathedral. It has alleys or cloisters on the east and south sides that were built early in the 15th century. There was a western cloister, but this was demolished in 1760 to make way for a Georgian style building called the Music Room. This building was also demolished, to be replaced in 1897 by the Dean leigh Library. The irregular shape of the cloister is because the eastern part of the south wall of the south alley was built against the north wall of the Chapel of SS Katherine and Mary Magdalene. This remarkable two-storied building which was unique in this country, was built by Robert of Lorraine, in the latter part of the 11th century and is often referred to as the Losinga Chapel.Work started on the the construction of the Chapter House in 1340, but it was not completed until 1370. The building had ten sides and was 45 feet in diameter. During the Civil war the lead was removed from the roof of the Chapter House for re-use on the roof of the tower in the castle, it was not replaced until the Commonwealth came to an end. By 1769 the building was so dangerous that most of it had to be demolished.

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