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The remains of an Augustinian Priory. Flanesford priory was founded in 1346 and dissolved in 1536. The large refectory, later reused and extant as a barn, suggests that it was intended for perhaps 13 canons. However, built so soon after the Black Death, it is probable that numbers rarely exceeded 2-3 canons after 1349. The barn is 14th and 15th century with 16th century detail, and was altered in the 19th and 20th centuries, but most of the refectory remains intact. There are four fishponds remaining as earthworks to the south-west. Evaluations and watching briefs, including a photogrammetric survey of the barn, suggest that that it was a guest house and prior's lodging rather than a refectory. The drains of the reredorter were also located and there was evidence of the area being levelled to provide a level are for the priory buildings. Residual Roman material was found in that levelling material. The remaining priory buildings and fishponds are visible on aerial photographs.

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